Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-12


Perspective: A Turn To Science . .To What Purpose? : In today’s Snapshot we get to see ourselves – the human race – from two different perspectives: Our place in the universe. And our place among creatures on this planet. Neither perspective tells us much, if anything, about who we are or how to lead better lives.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-10

Thailand Returned Orangutans To Borneo

Perspective: Survival Is A Strong Motivator :The innovations of mankind, when used for destructive purposes, overwhelm nature’s will to survive. The wildlife of Indonesia’s forests are not naturally equipped to deal with deforestation of their habitats. They have no natural defense against poaching, which may be facilitated by deforestation. Will the efforts of activists, together with the animals’ survival instincts be enough to overcome the power of profit?

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-09


Perspective: Third World Countries Look More And More Like Cutting Edge Countries : In today’s snapshot, we take a look at Indonesia, and its efforts to prevent fires. . .the kinds of fires that have devastated large areas and have sent a lingering haze throughout the region. It is interesting to see how Indonesia will prevent disasters while maintaining a profitable palm oil industry.Few other places thin the world are trying as hard as Uganda to incorporate solar power – everywhere.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-08

Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito, Emperor Akihito, Crown Princess Masako and Empress Michiko make public appearance on New Years

Perspective: Of Knowledge, Dreams, And Real Life : Dreams of accomplishment are a different matter. In Brazil – and in all of South America – a long-standing dream is being accomplished. The Summer Olympics are being held in South America for the first time. The event gives greater hope to many young people who live in South America.
Is there a connection between reading and physical health? Find out more in today’s Snapshot.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-07

Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and World War II hero who disappeared in 1945

Perspective: Milestones In History – From WW2 Hero To First Summer Olympics In South America :The run-up to the Olympics Opening Day was fraught with controversy. The Zika virus scare. The quality of the water in Rio. The crack-down on doping and the disqualification of much of the Russian team. To add politics to injury, Brazil is embroiled in an impeachment of its first female president, Dilma Roussef. Today’s snapshot includes a story about the mysterious disappearance of a hero, Raoul Wallenberg.

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