Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-03

Syrian refugee Ibrahim al-Abd, 15, trims plants in Beirut, Lebanon

Perspective: How People On This Planet Respond To Obstacles Thrown At Them : A company cannot just up and send a spacecraft to the moon. That would incur safety hazards for a lot of people. Fortunately we have the Federal Aviation Association, which monitors aircraft in the airspace. To shoot for the moon, you have to meet the very stringent standards of the F.A.A. And that is what a Florida based company has done.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-02

Helmut Ignat, wildlife photographer, walks inside the Vacaresti wetlands, in Bucharest, Romania

Perspective: How Our Planet Responds To Climate Change : This is how the planet responds to climate change. It follows the laws of nature – the same laws that were in effect before we ever began to sense changes in our climate. Extreme heating and cooling of air could result in extreme storms. Flooding one region of the world with rain could mean another region stays so dry, there is no water to drink, and no water for crops.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-08-01

From the sit-com, “Um Abdou the Aleppan,” Syrian actor Qusai Abtini, right, while filming an episode with Rasha, left, known as Umm Abdou, in Aleppo, Syria

Perspective: From A Former Romanian Queen Who Lived A Full Life To A Syrian Child Actor Who Was Just Starting His: Queen Anne of Romania probably never really got to enjoy her royal status. Her husband, King Michael, was forced to abdicate the throne after World War 2, as a Communist government took over. Qusai Abtini, a Syrian child actor, did not live so long as Queen Anne of Romania. He did, however, accomplish quite a lot in his 14 years of life.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-26

Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg , pilots of the solar powered Solar Impulse 2 at Al Batin Airport in Abu Dabi

Perspective: Leveraging Energy; As of today, there is no reason that youth cannot be given meaningful responsibility in service to their community. And there is every reason to believe that anything can be powered by renewable energy.

For decades, eighteen-year-olds have been eligible to serve in the armed forces. For fewer decades, they have been eligible to vote in elections. With voting rights, they have also been eligible to hold some public offices.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-25

Mr. Salermi on triangle

Perspective: Political Leaders – Wanted And Unwanted: Pundits in the United States are quick to point out the negative ratings of its two major presidential candidates. These ratings come from polls in which voters say what they do not like about a candidate. Both major candidates have received more negative ratings than positive ratings.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-24

fixing a hole in a barbed-wire fence to keep cattle in. The fence was probably cut by smugglers or migrants

In internationally unrecognized Somaliland, civil wars of the past leave their tolls even today on the region’s cultural centers. To offset the damage, Somaliland hosts a week-long book festival every year. In urban Brooklyn, New York, instead of removing unwanted weeds and plants with noisy equipment, the city is hiring goats to eat the obstructive plants.

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