Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-14

Mohammad al-Eisawi and his son Majd atop an Arabian horse named Furys near Issawiya

Sometimes in these Snapshots, we decry the woes of technology and how it has drawn us apart. Sometimes we forget that many people live lives of uncertainty and instability. Some live under governmental regimes that prevent people from realizing freedom.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-13

Britain's Queen Elizabeth welcomes Theresa May at the start of an audience in Buckingham Palace, where she invited her to become Prime Minister, in London

Today, Great Britain has a new prime minister. Vacancy of the office came when the old prime minister declared his wish to resign following a long drawn-out debate and referendum dealing with the U.K.’s future role in the EU. Nearly half the voters did not agree with leaving Europe.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-12

Crude oil from a Shell pipeline spill in the Niger Delta

Here are the top stories for Tues., July 12th: Obama eulogizes fallen Dallas police officers; Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton; Attorney general testifies on Clinton email probe; Deadly train crash in Italy. Timeline: Snapshot July 12, 2016 Perspective: A Sense Of … Continue reading →

Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-11

Kem Ley, a Cambodian analyst, discusses the meaning of color revolution

Wars rage on in much of the world. In Cambodia, of all places, there is unrest. There is unrest in Kashmir. There remains tension in the China Sea over territory.

The upstart of much of this is:
The unrest that we see is in often in the form of protest. People do not like the way things are going. They do not agree with people in power, who, in the protestors’ opinion, abuse their power.

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Timeline Snapshot 2016-07-09

State leaders attend a working session at the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland

Over the past week, three tragic incidents of violence underscored a deep divide in America. The common experience of black people is obviously different from that of white people. This has become ever more clear as millions of people have seen videos of the killings of two black men. Neither victim appeared to impose a danger to the police officers who shot them. Just as devastating as these homicides were the killings of 5 white police officers by a black man during a peace march .

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