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Story Of Today, September 06, 2017

Students Honor Modern-Day "Indiana Jones"

Inspired by V.O.A. article, Real-life Indiana Jones Finds Ancient Religious Sites in Turkey

WorldsWays has a special place for history. Archaeology is not exactly history. It is not a record of events. But it sure fills out the picture. Professor Mark Fairchild travels often to Turkey. There he studies sites and antiquities to broaden his understanding of Biblical days. Specifically the start of Christianity.

Regardless of religious affiliation, we are all affected by this pivotal time in human history. The more we understand about those times, the more we may understand about ourselves.

Hollywood has Indiana Jones. In real life at Huntington University in Indiana, Professor Mark Fairchild is a professor of Biblical Studies. An accidental archaeologist, Dr. Fairchild travels to far-off places to find Biblical antiquities and sites. Dr. Fairchild's students call him "Indiana Mark."

As students, Matt Whitney and Logan Bush traveled with Dr. Fairchild to Turkey. They were astonished by how their professor, in his 60's, spent hours every day climbing mountains and finding lost cities in the middle of the wilderness.

After they graduated, Matt Whitney and Logan Bush formed Squatchagawea Films production company. They returned to Turkey with their former professor to film a documentary. The film tells a story about the apostle Paul's missionary route. However, viewers will get more than a glimpse of the day to day life of Dr. Mark Fairchild.

Dr. Fairchild chose Turkey because most of the New Testament narrative takes place in Turkey. The character Indiana Jones might seek ancient treasures for museums. Indiana Mark seeks a greater understanding of history. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Fairchild has visited over 350 sites in Turkey.

Dr. Fairchild wants his work and his students' film to bring about a better understanding of Turkey to the western world. To appreciate Turkey's past is also to appreciate the role Turkey plays in the modern world. According to Dr. Fairchild, in order to solve the complex problems that plague the middle east, the western nations will have to recognize Turkey as an important player.

Attributes: Images courtesy of: VOA and M. Fairchild

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