Timeline: Snapshot January 21, 2017

Perspective: Women And Men Around The World : “We Are NOT With Trump!”

Here’s some good news: Today the biggest news of the day is the best news of the day. What started as a Facebook event turned out to be one of the biggest acts of solidarity the world has ever seen.

It was a backlash against America’s new president, Donald Trump, and the way he has threatened to treat women and minorities. It was a rally to preserve equal rights, and preserve the dignity of all people.

Timeline: Snapshot January 20, 2017

Perspective: Facts Speak Better To The Truth Than The Words Of A Politician

Here’s some good news: President Obama may have left the White House, but the positive effects of his presidency still reside in people who were helped by his policies. Many people say they have become better people from the example set by Barrack Obama in his leadership and character.

In his innauguration address Donald Trump painted a bleak picture of a country with high rates of crime and unemployment. And he placed blame squarely in the laps of the former presidents who were attending his innauguration. I was not able to listen long because I have a low tolerance for lies and disrespect.

The truth is this:
People are speaking out about how they were helped by actions and policies of President Obama. People are telling their stories and refuting the words of Donald Trump.

Moreover people are organizing to send a message to the new president that they are not going to take his lies, etc. But they are going to work to create a nation that is better than Trump.

Timeline: Snapshot January 19, 2017

Perspective: We’re Going To Be Okay

Here’s some good news: We’re going to make it. The U.S. and much of the world are undergoing transitions at this time.

As our story goes, we are at a point of heightened stress. Humans are experiencing the stress of social and political changes. Our behavior causes changes in nature. The planet is stressed, too. It’s showing by the advent of more rumblings.

We have it on good authority that we’re going to make it. President Obama, himself, standing for the last time as president before the press, contemplated openly and with his signature optimism he said, “at my core, I think we’re going to be okay.”

The U.S. will make it through the next presidency. The world will make it too. It will be better and easier going if we, as people, devote our energies to the values we all share . . . and if we, as nations, work together to keep our world together.

Timeline: Snapshot January 18, 2017

Perspective: When Home Ain’t So Good – Move . . .

Here’s some good news:
A couple Iranian women volleyball players are living part of their dream – to play volleyball and be great at it. In Iran, they probably wouldn’t be able to achieve volleyball greatness as they are finding now. They didn’t stay in Iran. They went to Bulgaria.

Here’s more news of people leaving their country:
People are fleeing Gambia. They are particularly unhappy with President Yahya Jammeh. He lost the last election. He is supposed to step down. But he doesn’t.

The question is – with people moving and showing mass distaste for their governing bodies, will it change anything back at home?

Timeline: Snapshot January 17, 2017

Perspective: Voices Of The Perished And The Man On The Moon

Here’s some good news, I guess: Archaeologists at the site of Sobibor Concentration Camp unearthed artifacts that tell us more about the people who were there. I am happy for the people whose stories are being pieced together. All of them. Especially the youth, like Anne Frank and the owner of the pendant, who were taken away well before they would naturally hit their prime.

Here’s something more you should know: Eugene Cernan, the astronaut who spent more time on the surface of the moon than any other astronaut, passed away. He epitomizes what a person can achieve given the freedom to develop . When such freedoms are taken away, it is a crime against humanity.

Timeline: Snapshot January 16, 2017

Perspective: Traditions In The Face Of Change:

Here’s some good news: Despite a diminishing Jewish population in Bucharest, Romania, the Yiddish theater lives on. First assaulted by the Nazis in World War 2, the Jewish population of Bucharest was further marginalized by the Communists. Yet the Yiddish theater in Bucharest is still quite active.

Here’s some more good news: The people of Lexington, Virginia held two opposing events – the march to honor Martin Luther King, and the local tradition of honoring the Confederacy at this time of year.
It was all done peacefully.