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I am not aware of a time I didn’t exist.  Are you?

I know from what people have told me that this planet was spinning and populated for millions of years before I ever breathed my first breath. Since I wasn’t here at the time (if scientists and my parents are to be believed), I have no recollection of those years. I also have no recollection of a couple early years when, according to authoritative accounts, I WAS here.

For me there is no difference between a couple years of infancy and millions of years before birth when I recall neither. I am left with no sense, whatsoever, of not being a part of this world.

It is my world, and it is your world, and it always has been, and it always will be. No matter how many actual days we walk upon it. It is a good world, a very good world. That is not just my opinion. I believe it is a fact. No matter how great the world may be, there is definitely lots of room for improvement. Especially today.

How did we get here?

Well, I have been able to watch how things have evolved – or devolved – over the years of my life, so far. I have not only observed, I have been an active participant in this world’s evolution. I have lived it while watching it. So have you.

The question is, how much are we to be held to account for the way things are going now? The discord, the violence, the destruction of nature.

Or from a more positive angle, how much credit can we give ourselves for the advancements in so many aspects of our lives?

Did all these changes – upward and downward – begin when we were born? Did our parents build on the triumphs of their parents and hand us a growing world? Or did the preceding generation hand us damaged goods and forget to tell us?

Does it even matter? Where the good and bad things began and who began them – does it matter? We inherit the world as it is. Every generation does.

The momentum is accelerating downward. Problems are mounting in quantity and intensity more rapidly than we find solutions.

Climate change alone, according to authorities on the subject, could bring about our extinction if it goes unchecked for just another twelve years.

Proliferation of nuclear weapons could beat climate change to the punch.

Rising racism and other tribalisms that drive wedges between us are destroying us more gradually and efficiently than all the terrorist groups combined.

We live in a world that is different from the world of everyone who came before us. It is true that our ancestors set history in motion and kept it going. It is also true that we had no choice about when we would jump on to this moving ship, to inherit a momentum that we had no hand in creating.

It is also true that we can and do have a hand in guiding the momentum of history. We can and do have a hand in deepening the problems. And we can have a hand in correcting the course our world takes.

Like our generation, the generations to come will have no choice what kind of world they will inherit. But we do. We have choices to make for the generations to come. We can choose to let the downward momentum continue. Or we can collectively choose to correct the course our world takes.

The WorldsWays Project is all about making those corrections and turning things around. We aim to drive the course of our world up and up and up to where we and the generations to come will realize that we live in the absolute most fantastic world there ever was. They and we will be inspired to make it even better.

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