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How N.B.A. Basketball Players Are Getting Out The Vote

Until today, the name LeBron James did not mean much to me. I had never seen a picture of him before today. In the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin, the N.B.A. players staged a protest of their own. They sat out their games for a day.. their play-off games.

Slum in Mumbai Beat Back the Coronavirus

Despite all odds, a slum in India managed to keep the Coronavirus from infecting hordes of people. How did they do it? Several professionals volunteered their services to keep people healthy.

07-31 Pandemic And Death On A Highway

jobless migrant workers

India has three times the population of the United States. A large majority of India’s population live in conditions that would be considered poverty in more developed countries. When the whole country shut down due to Coronavirus, day laborers and poor people had more to cope with than just the inconveniences we hear people complain about. This story tells of a young Muslim man and his best friend, a young Hindu man, and how their long journey from where they worked to their home village ended in tragedy.


This Day In History

10-03 Lincoln Proclaims Thanksgiving A National Celebration

Thanksgiving became a national holiday thanks in large part to Sarah Josepha Hale, author of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” After the Battle At Gettysburg, Sarah Josepha Hale felt more compelled than ever to restore unity to the country. She wrote letters to Lincoln, In the end Sarah Josepha Hale won. President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held the final Thursday in Novenber.

10-02 Thurgood Marshall Becomes First Black Supreme Court Justice In The U.S.

Thurgood Marshall

On October 2, in 1967, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first black Supreme Court Justice. Before serving on the Supreme Court, Marshall had made a reputation for himself as an advocate for racial equality. Of the many cases he argued before the Supreme Court, the most famous one was Brown Versus The Board Of Education In Topeka. In a landmark case that made racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Thurgood Marshall’s favor. As a Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall continued to fight for the more vulnerable people in America.

10-01 Yosemite Becomes National Park

In 1864, President Abraham Lincoln created the Yosemite Grant Act to protect the Yosemite Valley from private commercial interests, and set the land aside to preserve nature and for the public to enjoy. This set in motion a chain of decisions by future administrations that would eventually lead to the establishment of national parks and the National Park Service. In 1890, Yosemite became America’s third national park. For the last 130 years Yosemite National Park has remained one of the most popular places in the world for travelers and nature lovers.

09-05-Did Little Big Man Turn On Crazy Horse?

Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse (Tȟašúŋke Witkó), a highly respected leader of the Lakota people, was killed by a bayonette when soldiers tried to force him to go into a prison cell. Little Big Man, a friend of Crazy Horse, was with the post guard that tried to arrest Crazy Horse. The question is, “Why was Little Big Man there?” Did he have a hand in the death of his friend?


Other Stories

Republican Women For Decency

Before The Tirade – Part 2: Republican Women For Decency There’ve been a lot of reasons for stressin’. There’s a whole lot of noise all over the place. It’s not exactly what you might expect in an election year in America. It’s way, way noisier than that. It’s breaking the “noise” barrier. Breaking the “ridiculous” barrier, too. Fortunately I remembered this video of women leaders who speak their mind and speak the truth. They’re all Republican women, and they all had something to say at a recent convention. To hear these Republican women leaders courageously speak out for what they believe is encouraging, if not also pacifying. Leads me to believe the greatness of the country has not been lost.

Yo Yo Ma Letter To Me

Before The Tirade – Part 1: I got a letter from Yo Yo Ma. There’s a lot of noise these days, and I’ve been stressin’. I’ve been wanting to vent and lash out about all the absolutely, absurdly stupid things going on. A tirade is well on the horizon. But my more restraining self said, “Hold on. Go find that letter from Yo Yo Ma.” It’s true. Yo Yo Ma sent me a letter a couple months ago. In it he talked about what current events mean to him, as well as to millions more people who are all around us. You know, Yo Yo Ma is a cellist. That’s one of the most under-valued minorities anywhere. Anyway, I thought Yo Yo Ma would like it if I share his letter with you. So that’s what the video is about.

Spielberg’s Obama

Not long after the release of Lincoln, Spielberg contemplated making a similar film about President Obama.  This short video shows Spielbeg discussing his casting for different parts of his movie.

John Lewis Speaks

John Lewis Morgan Freeman

John Lewis wrote a letter to be published on the day of his funeral.
His friend Morgan Freeman read the letter.