Republican Women For Decency

Before The Tirade – Part 2: Republican Women For Decency There’ve been a lot of reasons for stressin’. There’s a whole lot of noise all over the place. It’s not exactly what you might expect in an election year in America. It’s way, way noisier than that. It’s breaking the “noise” barrier. Breaking the “ridiculous” […]

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Yo Yo Ma Letter To Me

Before The Tirade – Part 1: I got a letter from Yo Yo Ma. There’s a lot of noise these days, and I’ve been stressin’. I’ve been wanting to vent and lash out about all the absolutely, absurdly stupid things going on. A tirade is well on the horizon. But my more restraining self said, […]

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Spielberg’s Obama

Not long after the release of Lincoln, Spielberg contemplated making a similar film about President Obama.  This short video shows Spielbeg discussing his casting for different parts of his movie.

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John Lewis Morgan Freeman

John Lewis Speaks

John Lewis wrote a letter to be published on the day of his funeral.
His friend Morgan Freeman read the letter.

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