How N.B.A. Basketball Players Are Getting Out The Vote

Complete disclosure here : I am not an avid sports fan. I admire the skills of athletes, but I don’t watch their games often.

Until today, the name LeBron James did not mean much to me. I had never seen a picture of him before today.

That changes today. The N.B.A. and its players deserve much more than cheers and adulations from fans. They deserve nationwide recognition, real appreciation, and enthusiastic support from the entire country.

 N.B.A. Arenas Will Be Used As Polling Stations

In the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin, the N.B.A. players staged a protest of their own. They sat out their games for a day.. their play-off games.

Their walkout was more than an expression of the sorrow they share with millions of Americans who are dismayed that this sort of thing is STILL happening. Their walkout made a statement to the country that what is happening in the country is more important than playing a game.

 LeBron James and a Multimillion-Dollar Push for More Poll Worker

The N.B.A. players did not stop there. They did something we all should do. They came up with more ways to serve the community. The N.B.A players are going to convert basketball courts – league arenas – into polling locations for the coming elections.

How far this will go in getting disenfranchised voters to the polls is uncertain. But they are doing something!

What N.B.A. players are doing just may help to inspire the citizens of this country to get up and do something, too. If they can turn arenas into polling places, we all should be able to do something to get out the vote. We all should be actively engaged in making sure that every citizen who has the right to vote also has the ability to vote.

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