Yo Yo Ma Letter To Me

Before The Tirade – Part 1: I got a letter from Yo Yo Ma.

There’s a lot of noise these days, and I’ve been stressin’. I’ve been wanting to vent and lash out about all the absolutely, absurdly stupid things going on. A tirade is well on the horizon. But my more restraining self said, “Hold on. Go find that letter from Yo Yo Ma.”

It’s true. Yo Yo Ma sent me a letter a couple months ago. In it he talked about what current events mean to him, as well as to millions more people who are all around us.

You know, Yo Yo Ma is a cellist. That’s one of the most under-valued minorities anywhere.

Anyway, I thought Yo Yo Ma would like it if I share his letter with you. So that’s what the video is about.

Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist
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