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Story Of Today – February 15, 2017 – Looking At Latin America

Today’s Story:Looking At Latin America

In Perspective: Integrating With The Indigenous

Long before Spanish explorers reached the shores of Central and South America, indigenous peoples developed their own cultures and life-styles. Now they are the minority population, and sometimes not even considered part of the mainstream society at all. A riff between a samba school in Brazil and a local farmers group over concerns for the environment reveals something very encouraging about the Brazilians. Even as the farmers have used land that was once rainforest, and even as the samba school prepares a performance far removed from nature, they actually have something in common.

Today In History – February 15

Today in history – February 15:

Defying Institutions , Standing For Honor: Several times on this day in history, men and women have stepped up to defend individual rights, defying massive odds. By standing on principle and not backing down, such men and women have built the foundations of the world we live in. Can you think of ways these stories are extremely relevant to today? Visit the webpage at worldsways.com and post your message in the space provided.

Story Of Today – February 13, 2017 – Making A Livelihood From A Passion

Today’s Story: Making A Livelihood From A Passion

In Perspective: An American Story To Believe In :

For Ben Rasmussen, a family man living in Woodbridge, Virginia, chocolate is a passion. Unlike most people, Ben Rasmussen used his passion to start a small business. A chocolate-making business. After winning awards for his chocolate bars, demand for his products is high. Still he maintains a one-person business. He controls everything about his company. Especially the quality of the chocolates he sells.

Today In History – February 13

Today in history – February 13: Men Of Letters And Words . . .

Scholarship is the key for this day in history. If tomorrow is the day of the heart (Valentine’s Day) today could be dedicated to the mind. Men of science and philosophy, statesmen and songwriters, all use the written word to share their discoveries and visions. Not only for their contemporaries, but also for generations to come. Find out what Tycho Brahe did on this day. Or Abraham Lincoln. It’s all interesting stuff.

Story Of Today – February 5, 2017 – Lessons From Myanmar

Today’s Story: Lessons From Myanmar

You have probably heard of Aung San Suu Kyi. She is the activist in Myanmar who spent 15 years under house arrest under her country’s previous regime. She now leads her party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), which is currently in power in Myanmar. . . After so many years of struggle and house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi finally came to a position – a leadership position – where she is able to do a lot of good for her people. The question to ponder is, “Why hasn’t she? . . . . .To answer that question, we look at recent events in Myanmar. We also look into our own ideals of freedom and equality and how they are threatened even in the western world.

Today In History – February 5

Today in history – February 5: Of Lights And Moving Pictures:

It turns out February 5th is connected to visual entertainment. Motion pictures. Television. Some very amazing things happened on this day in history. in 1817, Samel Goodale and Coleman Sellers, each working without the knowledge of the other man, demonstrated two versions of a peep machine, forerunners of the projection apparatus today. Moving on to later classics, Buster Keatlon’s “The General” was release to theater audiences. In 1937 Charlie Chaplin released “Modern Times,” his first talkie. Rounding out the progress on visual entertainment, in 1967 “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” came to television.

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