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Today in History for December 10

Obama Accepts the Nobel Peace Prize

Highlights of this day -December 10 – in history

  • Martin Luther King, Junior accepts Nobel Peace Prize;
  • Women get the right to vote in Wyoming Territory;
  • America’s first domestic passenger jet flight takes off;
  • Soul singer Otis Redding dies,
  • General Augusto Pinochet dies.

Timeline: Snapshot December 10, 2016

Bob Dylan - Nobel Prize For Literature

Perspective: Perspective: Nobels And Human Rights Day

Today is International Human Rights Day. Who knew?

You would think the new government in Myanmar would know. Having a history of human rights abuses under the old regime, the new government in Myanmar must have some sort of regard for International Human Rights Day.

In the United States, where voters seemed to side with the ignorance of their president-elect, it is well to remember that Barack Obama is still the president. The people of the U.S. showed their better selves when they elected Barack Obama, a Nobel Prize Laureate in his own right, to lead the free world. Surveys show the American people still hold President Obama, a champion for human and civil rights, in much higher regard than they hold the self-serving Donald Trump.

Nobel prize laureats, held in high regard by so many people, stand a chance to lead by example. They stand a chance of leading humanity back to its better nature. . . that nature that respects the fundamental rights of all people, everywhere.

Today in History for December 9

Lech Walesa

Highlights of this day -December 9 – in history

  • Britain’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana announce they are separating;
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade – is published in Britain;
  • Solidarity union leader Lech Walesa is elected president in Poland;
  • Actor Kirk Douglas is born.

Where people value life, and freedom, and prosperity, for themselves AND for all other people riding this planet.   Join Us

Timeline: Snapshot December 9, 2016

Aftermath of a raid on Aleppo

Perspective: The Illusiveness Of Good Things

Affirmations alone probably will not help. Saying things like, “Every day in every way this world is getting better and better” will not make it true. Don’t you wish it were that easy?

When I started this journal – this timeline of current events – I wanted to use only stories that show good things happening. The news media is already filled with stories of wars, crimes, and injustices. Social media is likewise filled with misinformation, fake news, and cynicism about everything.

I want to present a different narrative. While all these wars, crimes, and injustices are occurring, a more prevalent side of the World’s Story is the side where people look out for each other. Where real heroes exist. Where people value life, and freedom, and prosperity, for themselves AND for all other people riding this planet. Join Us

Today in History for December 8

John Lennon Killed

Highlights of this day -December 8 – in history

  • America enters World War Two;
  • Former Beatle John Lennon is shot to death in New York.

Timeline: Snapshot December 8, 2016

after John Glenn's spaceflight 1962

Perspective: Milestones Of Icons Remind Us Of Who We Were

What made John Glenn a hero? He did not save lives. He did not rescue people. Why do we call him a hero?

I think it’s because of how he inspired us. His famous three orbits around earth ignited our imaginations. Who didn’t want to be an astronaut? Who didn’t want to be such a part of history?

Adding to his appeal to American youth, John Glenn’s achievement came at the right time. Kennedy, a war hero, was president, encouraging Americans to serve causes greater than themselves. When John Glenn flew into outer space and around the world right before our eyes, he became the very epitome of what President Kennedy asked of all of us.

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