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It all began years ago, when a man went out to an empty field.   A dry, gentle, late afternoon breeze invigorated the man. It brought him back to the days of his childhood when he would revel in the air whisking across his face as he ran or rode his bicycle. It was the feeling of freedom, for the boy had nothing to be stressed about then.

Things were different now. Why? Well, that is a question. What is it about being an adult that says you can’t have the feeling of stress-free freedom? What exactly was different, now? Was it just the man who changed? Or did the world around him change?

Things were definitely different. Even with the refreshing air brushing by his face, the man could not get past a giant lump deep down in his throat, keeping him from speaking, or even looking straight at another person, for fear that he would lose it and break down and sob like a baby. . . and not even know why.

What was happening? Was it him? Or was it the world around him?

The man stood for a minute, collecting thoughts, reviewing events, reliving confusion and other emotions. Finally the man drew in a breath, clenched his fists, looked around to be sure he was alone in that empty field. Then he looked up, and with the force of years of pent-up anxieties he cried out, “How does this world work?!”

Momentarily there was silence. The lump in the man’s throat was gone. His fists no longer clenched. Even the muscles in his face, around his eyes, felt relaxed.

Peace for the man lasted six seconds, and then he heard a voice say,  “Who is asking?”

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